By Sandra Upendo.


Most youths, road trips are always in their bucket list because they are gripping and enable people to socialize and learn more of each other. One fine day my friends and I had met and as we were chatting, one of us came up with an idea of having a road trip. We all gave in and as you know many people love to explore and get different experience all over so we had to decide where and when to have it. Everyone came up with different places and finally we settled on going to one away from Kenya to experience a different view. So we chose one to Arusha because we found it affordable and it was not that far from Nairobi. We informed our other friends because a road trip needs quite a good number of people for it to be interesting.

So after everyone confirmed we actually googled a charming affordable hotel where we could spend the night because we had budgeted for a one day stay. Finally, we settled on visiting Snow crest a 3 Star Hotel in Arusha. We then hired a minibus and so everything was settled. One day to the trip, we visited the hub Karen and went to Carrefour and purchased some snacks and drinks for the day for you know you can’t travel with empty stomachs you need to grab something and have a drink for a hype.

Finally, the day reached and we were all on time. The bus snaked slowly from Nairobi as the scenery started to change where we could see breathtaking scene like the Maasai planes that stretch deep into Tanzania. We also  could see herdsmen with their animals passing and grazing them. Aside from the view outside we also hyped each other inside the bus where our best music was playing while people joined in singing, people socializing and also some cracking jokes. It was really a ripping experience.

We finally reached Namanga the border between Kenya and Tanzania. Here we found Masaai’s selling elegant crafts handmade and they were so breathtaking. I personally loved their chokers and bangles and I dint hesitate to buy them. The Maasai’s were so friendly and welcoming this made us purchase more staff from them and they were really pleased with us. We then headed to the Immigration office for our passports to be stamped and also the yellow fever card. There was quite a long queue but finally we managed to finish the process.

After that we now headed to Arusha which was a great sight as it appeared greener than most places we had passed for its surrounded by some Africa most famous landscape and National parks. We then approached Arusha town where we were able to see Mount Meru from a distance. We then stopped by the town to the major places people talk about while in Arusha to have a glimpse of it. We noticed there were so many Maasai’s selling their handmade crafts and as we were walking I guess they noticed we were new in that place and you know how Maasais are they will talk to you nicely and convince you to have a look at their staffs. So one of my friends told as to go and check them. Indeed, I don’t regret her calling us, they had so many pleasant staff which were eye catching. They made each of us a well-designed bangles written on our names. We stayed with them for a while and saw how they made them and told them we would come for lessons. They were really pleased meeting Kenyans and said at least they had made friends from our Country and hoped to meet us again. After that we went to check their ‘Mutumba’ and at least purchase one because of my friends wanted to buy. We noticed our Swahili and theirs is a bit different, so at first it was hard to understand them but at the end we got each other.

We bought Trousers and also Maasai shukas for they were also quite affordable as compared in Nairobi. The guys started complaining we dint favor them because they wanted to taste some street food and girls were busy shopping you know how girls really love clothes they can shop almost the whole day without getting tired. So we had to agree and eventually so a place where nyama choma was made. Almost everyone loves nyama choma and you know how the street one is always delicious.

We ordered some and for sure it was really yummy. The guy really knew how to make. It was tastier than we thought. We passed through the town for a while then finally went to check in at Snowcrest hotel. We were welcomed warmly by the hotel staffs and then assigned our rooms. Tanzanians are really calm people as compared to us Kenyans from also the way they talked to us. Anyway aside from that, rooms were well entailed even the bathroom was very nice with hot shower. After everyone settled, we were then called to go eat our late lunch which we were served and it was really appetizing. We were served some potato wedges, grilled chicken, rice and some salads. It was a scrumptious delicacy.

After lunch everyone was free to do what he/ she wanted. Some went to swim and others walked around the hotel to see what it entails. The hotel had so nice facilities including even the gym whereby some went to try exercising. There was also an inn inside which you could purchase drinks at your own expense and as you know youths love fun so we purchased for the night to hype ourselves. For we had taken a late lunch, we ate our dinner late which was buffet so everyone could take what he/she wanted. After dinner we had some entertainment. The next day we took our breakfast which was also a buffet. I personally took coffee with bread, sausage, omelet and a yam. It was a heavy breakfast and really nice. Finally, it was time to check out. It was indeed a delightful experience where we promised to go back. We finally departed back to Nairobi. Holidays are truly moments to be treasured and explore different places.