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An Adventure Lover’s Thrill

Kirinyaga offers one of the most scenic vantage points from which to climb Mt. Kenya. Experienced mountaineers and hikers are both pleasantly surprised by what the scarcely explored Kamweti route offers in terms of charm and challenge.
Located on the Southern slopes of Mount Kenya, the Kamweti route offers adventure lovers the possibility of challenging day hikes and a scenic start to even more challenging climbing expeditions up Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak, needless to say, Kenya’s highest peak! Climbing Mt. Kenya through Kamweti is often considered the perfect primer for those training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Need more thrilling experiences, say no more! Try the amazingly wild white water rafting, canoeing and the exciting zip lining across rapids at any one of the numerous campsites and resort hotels doting the banks of Sagana River as it rushes to join the mighty Tana River. Sagana River has one of the best natural canoe courses in the world with natural, fast rapids creating waves best used for wild water canoeing, free styling, canoe marathons and kayaking. Talk about fun in the country!

Fun activities at Kirinyaga do not end there! Try bungee jumping with an elastic cord to dangle you from a height of 60m at the Rapids Camp in Sagana; bound to give you a major high.


 Make Memories For A Life-Time
Located right at the base of the Kamweti Forest station is Castle Forest Lodge which is also the starting point of the Kamweti hiking route. Built in 1910 as an exclusive, cozy retreat for the British Royals, the lodge of sorts has retained its rustic, rumbling charm over the past 108 years and remains one of Kenya’s Best Kept secret-hideaways. The Lodge can comfortably accommodate 40 guests and 100 campers and is fully equipped with tapped water and electricity. The Castle Forest Lodge has hiking trails and horse riding that offers great fun and adventure for families with children.
Kirinyaga also offers budget friendly weekend getaways for groups of young people, backpackers and families at any of the many campsites located along the Sagana River. As you camp, enjoy active days taking mountain bike rides then relax by a campfire and sundowner drink with friends as the sun sets over the Gaturi Hills.

What’s better than a good old story shared among friends and friends around a blazing campfire!

 A Breath-taking Romance for Nature Lovers
Enjoy nature’s selection of bird species found in this part of the country, as they sing melodiously while you take a nature walk along Sagana trail, through mountain rainforests. . Fishing enthusiasts can also enjoy tropical fishing at Thiba Fishing camp, Thiba Bridge or the Twin Falls on Karoti river.

Love has been known to blossom as couples walk hand in hand across “God’s Bridge”, a mystical marvel that straddles River Nyamindi at Mururi. Lovebirds visiting this special spot often tattoo their names and declare their love for each other on the mystical rock and shale formation. Explore the MauMau caves and take a moment to marvel at the drama that unraveled here during the colonial era. Ndaraca ya Ngai or God’s Bridge and the MauMau caves are part of the natural attractions formed from Mount Kenya’s volcanic activity.

A perfect romantic experience for a deserving couple!

 A Collector’s Treasure of Culture & History
For cultural tourists, Thingira Cultural Village is a must visit. The multicultural center that showcases song, dance, food and other cultural representations was founded by Leah Wanjiru, a young, lady in her 30s, from Kirinyaga County whose passion to promote culture and history led to the creation of this unique concept. Take guided tours through the life and culture of the Kikuyu people and get to sample traditional delicacies. History also lives on in sites such as the famous Samson’s Corner, and Castle Forest Lodge where royals have been privately hosted over the past 100 years.

History brings the us together. Roots have us growing!


Take a Relaxing Break on your long Journey North
Kirinyaga is fast becoming the preferred pit-stop for those travelling on the A104 highway. Makutano, is indeed a spot of refreshment and entertainment at the Nice Resort City in Mwea. Maguna’s Mall in Sagana is popular among locals as a place to stop and stock up on drinks and snacks as you journey on to Nyeri and Nanyuki. As you stop by Kirinyaga, give in to the temptation to make your stay longer by taking in the scenic Gaturi Hills, Kerengeti Falls and other vistas at easily accessible hotel resorts such as Havila and Therema. While there, stretch the kinks out of your body with a yoga session for the ultimate rest and relaxation.

Makes for a perfect country break!