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Vacation now , Pay later

Vacation Now, Pay Later – How To Book

If a strict budget always comes in the way of your wanderlust, consider following the steps underlined below to travel to your next destination.

  • Step 1: Download the Aspira app on Google Play Store and register to check the loan limit you qualify for
  • Step 2: Email Pack n Go Deals on or call –+ 254 0705 080 842/ +254 0739 583 532/ +254 0776 313 905  for holiday packages
  • Step 3: Find a package within your credit limit, then head over to the Aspira App
  • Step 4: Apply for credit and pay a minimum 20% deposit
  • Step 5: Pay the balance in 6 monthly instalments


Fine Print

  • For your application to qualify, you must submit either two of these documents: current payslip, 3 months bank statement or 3 months Mpesa statement.
  • You must also submit your ID/Passport/Alien card.
  • Monthly interest rate of 6% or 5% will apply on the instalments you pay for 3 or 6 months respectively depending on the loan cycle you choose
  • Minimum deposit will not be required for the second and subsequent loans
  • 20% minimum deposit must be paid before the trip

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